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Welcome to Halbert Wealth Management's Video Education Center. These videos are designed to help you understand the basics of different investment products, as well as give you a better understanding of investing in general. All of the videos are short and easy to understand and many include review questions at the end to help you remember the key points.

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Video - Bonds 101 Active Money Management 101

Explains the difference between passive and active money management and how active management is used by money managers. Explores various active management strategies and describes how they have the potential to make money in various market conditions.

Video - The Secret Risk Statistic Stocks 101

We explore in this video what stocks are and how investors can make money with them. Common types of stock, market and limit orders, stock indexes, and statistics used to evaluate stocks are also discussed.

Video - Bonds 101 Bonds 101

Introduces the basics of bond investing. Describes several common types of bonds and defines the terms used in bond investing. This video also shows some of the ways you can make money by investing in bonds and how interest rates affect bond prices.

Video - The Secret Risk Statistic The Secret Risk Statistic: Drawdowns

Discover the secret statistic most mutual funds do not report. By learning the rates needed to return to breakeven after a loss, see why focusing soley on investment gains can lead to poor overall investment performance. Be sure to download a copy of our Special Report, The Secret that Mutual Fund Companies Don't Want You to Know.

Video - Convertible Bonds 101 Convertible Bonds 101

Learn about this unique investment that has characteristics of both bonds and equities. Besides earning interest and appreciating in the same way bonds can, convertibles have options that can allow the holder to participate in the issuing company's stock gains. If you are not familiar with basic bond investing, we recommend that you view Bonds 101 before watching this video.

Video - Convertible Bonds 101 High-Yield Bonds 101

Similar to other types of bonds, high-yield bonds comprise nearly half of all corporate bonds issued and can offer higher returns. If you are not familiar with basic bond investing, we recommend that you view Bonds 101 before watching this video.

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